In partnership with Roper & Sons Funeral Home, Metcalf Funeral Home is proud to offer resources and education inspired by the desire to provide open access to support and information to everyone in the community. Through education, outreach activities, workshops and seminars, we provide assistance for dealing with many of life’s difficult situations.



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  • Outreach and Education

    At Metcalf Funeral Services, we care about your well-being.  Each month, in partnership with Roper and Sons, we offer several educational seminars that address physical, emotional and personal well-being.

  • Merchandise

    The large selection of casket designs and quick access contributes to the choices you have to personalize your arrangements.

  • When Death Occurs

    Nothing adequately prepares you for the initial shock of a loved one’s death. Feelings of panic and helplessness may be overwhelming, but it’s important to know you are not alone.

  • Dealing with Grief

    At some point in our lives, we all have to face the reality of losing a friend or family member to death.

  • Basic Needs of the Bereaved

    The bereaved require both time to reflect and time to share their feelings.  It is essential to provide a warm, comforting environment in which the bereaved can express their feelings openly and honestly.

  • Six Mourning Needs

    There are several ways to address each of these needs and to find comfort throughout the planning of the funeral, the actual visitation or wake, the funeral or memorial service, and long afterward.

  • Information and Referral Services

    Roper and Sons offers grief support to anyone wishing to participate. Our group sessions are FREE and open to the public.

  • Grief Support

    At Roper and Sons Funeral Home, we understand that a funeral or memorial service for your loved one is a positive first step in the grieving process.