Types of Services

At some point in our lives, we all have to face the reality of losing a friend or family member to death. The idea of losing someone we love, however, makes most people feel uncomfortable, confused, and afraid. Yet only when we face death can we truly understand the value and meaning of life itself.

There is no single “proper” funeral service.  Metcalf Funeral Home understands no one grieves in the same manner, and death rituals vary from culture to culture. We are honored to assist in the celebration of your loved one’s life and to help you find comfort during the planning of the funeral, the visitation or wake, the service, and long afterward.

The funeral is an important ritual. As difficult as it may be to face, most of us accept death as an inevitable part of life. Today, a dignified funeral ceremony and opportunity to say “good-bye” to the deceased remains an important part of life.

Your funeral director will help you create a meaningful funeral ceremony by discussing your options, guiding you through the arrangement process, handling many details and giving you the information necessary to make decisions.

Benefits of Funerals

  • Bring together a community of mourners
  • Create an opportunity for participants to offer each other emotional support and talk about the life and death of their loved one
  • Provide a sense of closure

Services of Funeral Directors

  • Transport the deceased person’s body to the funeral home
  • Secure information for and file the certificate
  • Meet with your family to discuss arrangement options
  • Help you choose the place, type and time for the visitation, service and other arrangements
  • Help you select a casket, outer burial container, urn, memorial stone, marker or other items
  • Advise you about other decisions to make, such as choosing pallbearers and arranging for flowers
  • Help with necessary paperwork, including obituary notices and a variety of government benefit claim forms
  • Help you notify the deceased person’s employer, attorney, insurance companies and banks
  • Arrange for aftercare services to help you through the grieving process

A Final Note
During the first few days after a death, you are surrounded by family and friends. You are busy planning the funeral and may not have time to think about yourself until later when you are alone with your grief. After you’ve planned the funeral, take care of yourself.

You can expect to experience a wide range of emotions. Grieving is hard work, and you may feel tired and lethargic without understanding why. Lighten your schedule if you can, eat healthy foods and exercise to renew your energy. Take time to be alone with your thoughts, but also spend time talking to close friends about your loss. You need to express your emotions.

Ask your funeral director about aftercare services available to support your needs during this time.

There are many ways to say goodbye to a family member or friend, at the same time celebrating their life. You may choose to send flowers, offer private condolences, or share your thoughts through a public tribute.

Life Celebrations
We consider it a privilege to help families create a life celebration that is a true reflection of the unique life of their loved one. The following are just a few of the possibilities.

  • Life Celebration Pictorial – For the finest tribute and celebration of your loved one’s life, we will create a beautiful video memorial using your personal photos and music selections. The video may be played during the visitation, funeral service, reception or all three. In addition, it provides a lasting keepsake of your loved one’s life.
  • Memory Table: A display of personal items of the deceased, such as arts and crafts, hobbies, sporting equipment, clothing, tools of their trade, even classic cars and motorcycles.
  • Butterfly and Balloon Releases: Upon request we will arrange for a butterfly or balloon release.
  • Family Participation: Involvement of family and close friends in the speaking and officiating of the services.
  • Collage Boards: A collection of photos, poems and other memorabilia available for viewing by family and friends at the visitation and/or funeral or memorial service.
  • Personalized Memorial Folders: Create personalized memorial folders using photos, poetry, favorite recipes, personal messages, antidotes, memorable quotes, etc.

Cremation is often accompanied by the rites and ceremonies of funeralization, including embalming and visitation. Final disposition options include earth burial, entombment and scattering. Some families keep cremated remains in an urn or other appropriate container.

At Metcalf Funeral Home, we provide cremation services with the same dignity and respect as all our funeral services.

If you are considering cremation, please remember that cremation is not a replacement for a memorial service. Family and friends want to grieve together and pay tribute to the person they have lost. These days, cremated remains are often present at the memorial service as a focal point for the service.

We would be happy to discuss cremation options or questions with you in person or on the phone. In addition, we invite you to tour our facility. There is substantial variation in the quality and cleanliness of cremation facilities and we are proud of our outstanding facility.